Kyczy Hawk: How to use intention daily

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Kyczy Hawk: How to use intention daily

Gary Zukav, author of the bestselling book, the Seat of The Soul, says that intention is the quality of consciousness that you bring to a deed or words. It’s an energy. It’s your reason for speaking.

Oprah said in her book the Wisdom of Sundays that had she not read Zukav’s book, there would be no Super Soul Sunday. There would have been no OWN, and The Oprah Winfrey Show would probably not have been on air for twenty-five years (it would have ended sooner). She says that learning about the principle of intention changed the way she looked at everything.

With Oprah being someone that I admire greatly (both for what she has achieved and overcome), I took notice when I read this. I’m personally in recovery from addiction and decided to reach out to experts in the field and ask them how they use the Power of Intention in their lives and what is the number one thing that they recommend people do more often.

Kyczy Hawk is a yoga instructor and author. She teaches in treatment centers as well as yoga studios in her hometown of San Jose, CA. Her volunteer time includes teaching yoga in Elmwood Women’s Jail and The Recovery Cafe San Jose. She has been a space holder for the internationally known Y12SR (Yoga of Twelve Step Recovery) for over six years.

(1)   How have you used the power of intention in your life? 

I use intention each day in this manner (and I may give myself a "booster" in the middle of the day as well.)

May my thoughts about others and myself, my speech to others and myself, my actions and my behaviour be in alignment with my ethics, my values and my desire to be of service
— Kyczy Hawk

This is a mantra I made for myself many years ago and it keeps me on the right path. I have gestures that I use in combination with the repetition of these words.

(2) What's the #1 thing people should do more often?

The number one thing people could do more often would be to "pause and reflect". So much is brought out of balance in our lives as we rush forward, rush from one thing to another, and rush to make decisions without contemplation. PAUSE, and breathe. Then choose and move.

What you’ll learn:

  • Kyczy’s mantra which keeps her on the right path.

  • Why stopping to “pause and reflect” is so important.

  • Intention is the quality of consciousness that you bring to a deed or words.

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