Jamie Marich: The power of intention setting

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Jamie Marich: The power of intention setting

The practice of setting daily intentions can literally change everything. There are no set rules but just don’t confuse them with goals: It’s about who you want to be, what you want to contribute, and how you choose to touch the lives of others in a positive way.

It really is powerful stuff. Oprah see’s intention setting as the number one principle that rules her life. As she herself says,“thought by thought, choice by choice, we are cocreating our lives based on the energy of our intention”

I reached out to trauma and recovery expert Dr Jamie Marich to get her take on it. I also took the chance to ask Dr Jamie what’s the number one thing people should do more often!

Jamie Marich, PhD, LPCC-S, a life-long dancer and the founder of the Dancing Mindfulness community and facilitator-training program, is a clinical counselor who leads trainings and retreats on trauma, addiction and mindfulness worldwide. Jamie is an author of several books on topics related to trauma and recovery.

How have you used the power of intention in your life?

For me, intention is about planting seeds and giving them the proper conditions and resources that they need to grow. Intention is never about striving or forcing outcomes. For many years in my journey, the striving and the forcing kept me stuck and in achievement-mindset.

Learning about the full power of intention through my yoga and meditation practices has helped me to approach life more through this mentality of caring for what I plant. I still have to do the work, although there's a big part of life and spiritual practice that's about letting go.

I attempt to live my life from a place of intention every day
— Dr Jamie Marich

I attempt to live my life from a place of intention every day---setting intentions in my morning practice and sensing into the larger intentions that I've set for myself on my spiritual path.

What's the #1 thing people should do more often?

Breathe deeply! So many of our problems in life are caused by forcing into stress... like we're holding our breath to get through it instead of breathing into it with the fullness of our being. Taking deep breath instead of tensing up will always lead to a healthier, more fulfilling result and your body-mind will thank you for it.

Something I attempt to do every year is to learn something new... a new practice, a new sport, a new skill. It always amazes me how my natural instinct is to first tense up and almost hold my breath when I am nervous. Yet inevitably, taking the deep, full breath into uncertainty is really the answer that I need to learn the skill and enjoy myself in the process.


  • Why setting intentions is not about forcing outcomes

  • What the #1 thing is that people should do more often

  • Why Oprah see’s intention setting as the number principle that rules her life

Video 1: How the Power of intention saved my life.

Michael talks about how he has used the Power of Intention in his life.


  • How setting the intention to heal from addiction altered the course of my life.

  • The action steps I took following my intention to heal.

  • How the  intention for my life evolved as I became more awake

  • Deepak Chopra's intention setting method.

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